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"Gabriella my deepest gratitude to you for such a wholeheartedly wonderful session. I loved it!!!! I feel fantastic today. Deeply nourished and cleansed from the inside out. I feel so liberated, flexible both emotionally and physically and really revived. The music, the teaching and your support. So healing and inspiring. Thank you thank you! " ~ Robin

"I attended Gabriella's The Dance of Yoga workshop last Saturday and found an energetically clean and loving space to work in which is very important to me. It was a pleasure to stretch and also to move freely with the forms, all my inner organs felt massaged and liberated. Indeed it was a liberating time, as I felt many cares and burdens released throughout the workshop. I sometimes forget just how important it is to move our bodies with respect and love, as I am always busy moving my body for practical reasons and running around completing chores. 

So it was a time to move my body in response to the rhythms it desired, in response to my heart and by doing this, I was brought deeply into my centre (whilst working up a sweat!) and this facilitated the releases and healing I needed. I highly recommend Gabriella's workshop as she works from the heart, is very intuitive and supportive with forms throughout the workshop to help with any physical challenges we have." ~ Ananda

"I wanted to thank you again for your workshop, Gabriella. I enjoyed it so much and have been thinking about it ever since. It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I found your teaching really inspirational and loved the energy and warmth you brought to the class. Thank you." ~ Victoria

"Thank you Gabriella. It felt like I spent 2.5 hours in the sunshine! You have such a beautiful voice and I can't wait for the next workshop" ~Rachel

"A great experience. A deeply nurturing and mindful yoga practice, with special emphasis on the right breathing and mindfulness. I felt like the sequence of movements was especially good and well thought out. I found it easier than usual to focus on the breathing and do exactly what felt right for me at that moment. At the end of the workshop I felt very much at ease, grounded and peaceful, and my body felt great too. No more stiff neck, back or legs! The guided meditation and healing sound bath in the end was also very beautiful and a wonderful way to end the workshop. Would definitely recommend it." ~Anni "Thank you for the wonderful workshop, Gabriella. I really enjoyed the peace and tranquility!" ~Ilka "Thank you for the really enjoyable workshop. What a treat for me to partake. It really lifted my spirit and you made it all so lovely. Unbelievable it was 2 and half hours! Went in a flash." ~ Lucy

"Many thanks for the wonderful workshop. The time went by surprisingly quickly and I learned a lot. I appreciated all the time and care you offered us." ~ Lucinda 'Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop and for the lovely follow up email! I really enjoyed it, it was such a nice experience I am feeling inspired. Your enthusiasm and smiles helped me feel really comfortable." ~ Laura "Thank you for a lovely spiritual afternoon. Loved the sound work and your singing was beautiful. You need to make a CD." ~ Kay & Hannah


"I feel so light! Thank you for the wonderful class. It helped me to feel comfortable and spacious within my own body and to remember where I end and the rest of the world begins." ~ Portia "The Dance of Yoga' is a stunning class taught by a creative and infectiously enthusiastic teacher who advocates 'yoga from within'. As a relatively experienced yogi, I found the focus on conscious breathing, body awareness and fluid movement into asanas unique and satisfying. At the same time, these sessions are not without challenge; they are also personalised well so that practitioners at all levels can improve their balance and control of postures." ~ Rosemary, "During Gabriella's yoga class i felt like that my own body was giving me a massage!" ~ Nandini "I was dancing through the whole class. The next day my body felt much more open than after any other yoga class. " ~ Alex, "Oil to my body! :-)" ~Barbara "I was going to have a massage today. But now after your class, Gabriella, my body is so open and feels so good that I don't need it. :-) " ~ Sam "I suffer from fibromyalgia but i hope i can make it to your class, as i feel it is doing a world of good to me!" ~ Ana, "We love it. At your classes we have a chance to go deeper and discover what our weak points are." ~ Billie "We all liked it. Time flies when you enjoy yourself." ~ Dorothy