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Sacred Womanhood ~ Follow the Call of the Goddess Within

In our Sacred Womanhood gatherings we honour and celebrate our Womanhood through "The Dance of Yoga", Womb yoga, Sacred Mudra, Affirmation and Prayer, Meditation, deep relaxation, healing sound bath with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, poetry and more..

The Woman`s Worth

~The source of it is Acceptance, acceptance towards herself

~She loves beyond measure

~She trusts beyond measure

~Her beauty shines from a thousand miles as the source of her beauty is the depth of her soul

~She has the joy of a child, the playful ease of a maiden, the elegance of a queen, the nurturing love of a mother, the wisdom of the grandmothers, the compassionate heart of the Angels and the endless love of her rising spirit..and the source of it all is: her body and the deeply rooted wisdom inside that she carries into the world every day to illuminate another soul.

~She has the greatest courage to share her vulnerability with one another as she knows that tremendous power is waiting to be unfolded every time she chooses to bring forth the naked truth of her spirit.

She opens her heart every time a new life is growing inside of her. She opens her heart every time she is devastated in pain and just cries and cries and cries. She opens her heart when things go wrong because she knows that the only way out of being down is surrendering to the love in her heart.

She opens her heart every time a lover breaks her heart because she knows that the one man: her beloved is on his way and to love him she needs to stay open.

She opens her heart every time when waves crash over her head as she knows that she needs to descend underwater to feel and become soaked in her emotions to emerge from the waters with grace and power.

The Woman`s Worth is the overflowing Love in her heart that will one day shake up the Earth, stir up the Ocean and fill up the Air and the Sky with the warmth of the Sun and transmute all pain and suffering into a never ending Joy. (~from the depth of my Heart, Gabriella)

" She already knows she can take care of herself just fine. Now, she takes care as love’s all. She loves love, and she loves opening as love’s bright and powerful grace. Breath by breath, she gives her body to be possessed by love, moved by love, lived by love, fiercely alive and without shame—in every moment taking all into heart, deeply, and opening as love’s all, shining as love’s every color, dancing as love’s every texture, whether or not she is with her lover." ~Blue Truth by David Deida