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The home of "The Dance of Yoga" and Sound Healing Meditation, 7 days retreat in 2017. June is Lanzarote.

Is it possible to have too much inspiration in our life? Or shall we nurture and evoke it in each and every moment?

"I was thirsty and endlessly open for inspiration when i felt the calling of Lanzarote in March, 2016. Only a week later i found myself on the island exploring my sweet solitude and connection to nature. The loudest calling i heard was coming from the Ocean. The colours of the water in the sun, the vitality, the power, the gentleness and the elegant ease that the ocean represents for me is so inviting. She whispers into my ears thoughts of acceptance, kindness and feminine beauty, she makes me move, dance and feel my body, she wants me to sing with her.

One of my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Ruby, was with me for this week of inner exploration. I played and sang with her every day to lift my spirit into her creative adventure. She opened up channels of divine guidance and protection. Driving on the island and singing as i was merging with the scenery was a real blessing. I was so much in awe of the beauty and the variety of nature that the island has to offer. The volcanic Island has a special mysterious feeling with good connections to the energy of Atlantis. A new part of my soul was touched and awakened.

I loved practising "The Dance of Yoga" as i was stepping into the ocean and feeling i was part of it, as i was breathing, watching and soaking in her power, as i was singing to her and with her. I loved watching the ocean, its movements and powerful yet gentle nature were giving me great insights that come through my teachings of "The Dance of Yoga”. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect place to offer my retreat of “The Dance of Yoga and Sound”. Lanzarote has captured me.♡ Gabriella

"The Dance of Yoga and Crystal Sonic Healing Meditation" 7 days retreat for inspiration and nurturing in our heart and soul, 9th - 16th of June, 2017

Location: Villa Amatista, Lanzarote, Spain

A beautiful retreat place. A delicious vegetarian meal will be provided by Francesca Baldassari (

Daily schedule:

•from 8.30am: Light breakfast

•10am-11.30am: Energising yet relaxing yoga practice of "The Dance of Yoga"

•11.30 am: Brunch

•12.30-5.30pm: Free time

•5.30-7.00pm: Meditative and gentle yoga flow of "The Dance of Yoga"

•7.00pm: Dinner

•8.30pm-9.30pm: Sound Healing Meditation

The price includes: 

•Accommodation for 7 days

•Morning yoga for 6 days

•Evening yoga for 6 days

•Evening Sound Healing sessions for 6 days

•Light breakfast for 7 days

•Dinner for 7 days

•Brunch for 6 days

•Free access to solar heated pool

•Drinkable water and hot drinks

•1 afternoon trip to the ocean, practicing and connecting to the water through “The Dance of Yoga”

The schedule will allow you to explore the Island on your own or with others. It is easy to drive around and you can discover amazing places in short drives.

Private sessions for booking:

Excellent massages will be provided by Villa Amatista.

Angelic Reiki session will be offered by Dominic.

Contact Gabriella for more details [email protected]

For details about Crystal Sonic Healing click: Link or